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The overall art gallery concept focuses on waste reduction. It is green, eco-friendly and sustainable. This reflects the thoughts and ideas of the passionate visual artist and therapist, Mrs. Nada Al Ameri. Mrs. Al Ameri created original designs for the gallery’s interior- from the ceilings, to the mosaic floor design, the furniture of the gallery, the shelves and the sink.


Al Ameri’s designs include:


Our main mission is to connect people with the medium of art to see, experience, learn and understand the world in new ways.


Our vision is to establish and become the innovation and creative center for the visual arts, recognized not only in Abu Dhabi and in the UAE, but across the MENA and beyond.

Al Ameri’s designs include:


Born in 1979 in Abu Dhabi, Nada Al Ameri has a background in chemical engineering and a Masters in History of Art and Museums, obtained in 2013 from the University of Sorbonne, and Ecole du Louvre in Paris, France. In addition, Mrs. Nada is UK accredited in Art Therapy by the Association for Art and Music.
She is the owner, curator, visual artist and art therapist of Abu Dhabi’s very own Reflections Art Gallery, established in January 2017. Her artworks have been exhibited since 1992, and are now in galleries and cultural centers throughout the U.A.E and the world.

Remarkable women do great things.

Mrs. Nada is also a member in the General Women’s Union, designing logos for companies, and for that, she was awarded for the 2012 Ferrari car installation design. The first of her many awards was granted by the U.A.E’s Ministry of Education in 1992, when she won First Prize in designing “The Human and Science Poster.”


Some of Mrs. Nada’s works erupt from her imagination, and some images embossed in her mind are images of the environment, where she reflects them into her art works, giving it an identity.
She believes art is formed through the global heritage. Yes, the global heritage, because our world is filled with glorious history, that can be portrayed through art.
The stroke of her brush varies with her moods, beneath direct and simple images like complicated imaginations. Each stroke portrays the creation and reflections of her inner strength, her past, her present and her future.
She captures and creates the effect of light by splitting it into the colors of the rainbow, using many different types of colors, such as water colors and mixed media, as well as a touch of precision, of vision and clarity of thought, as the first stroke must be the final stroke.
Water color does not allow corrections, giving the artist the feeling of transparency. Mrs. Nada has experimented into many expressions, but her love of color and art is different, it is a chemical reaction, it is the way to transform new challenges.


– Al Ameri has knowledge in the art market and art management.

– She has experience in the field of History of Art and Museums in Louvre Museum in Paris and the Military Museum GHQ.

– Part of her work with psychologists required dealing with special needs and disabled children (ages 3 to 9 years) at the hospital, where she often visited and conducted studies on patients.

– She has given many art workshops and projects with special needs kids at SKMC – Sheikh Khalifa Medical City and ADCO –Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations.

– She attended workshops for Art Therapy International.

– Al Ameri has plans to complete her training in Art Therapy with educational programs.

– Her artwork has been exhibited in galleries and cultural centers throughout UAE including The National Exhibition for Plastic Arts and Antiques, Skills House Exhibition Dubai Festival and many others.

– She is an effective member in Nationals’ Gallery/Emirati Artists, Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation (ADMAF).

– She is member in General Women’s Union.

– She designs logos for companies, and was awarded in designing the Ferrari car installation 2012.

– The first of her many awards was granted by Ministry of Education – UAE in 1992 when she won First Prize in designing “The Human and Science Poster”.


Reflections Art Gallery
Reflections Art Gallery

The concept behind the logo design originated from my experiment on the chemical reaction between two genders –the chemistry of love between the she & the he. Symbolism: She as  , He as  and || as 2.

In terms of the chemical reaction, when in love one’s dopamine, serotonin and acetylcholine levels rise together. In simpler terms, Love & Passion are translated by the chemical Dopamine, Happiness & Satisfaction by Serotonin and Acetylcholine accounts for the Curiosity for Learning and Dreaming Memory. In brief, it communicates and reflects my inner strength, its underlying message contains the color of my life, and it is the place where my brain and the universe meet to change it around you. It is an invitation for everyone to be creative, transparent and in love to create their own art. Finally, H20 is essential to life, without it there is no life!